At Innovacos we use selected biomasses and materials from which we elicit the bio-essence
according to skills and know-how in the application of specialized biotechnologies; essentially
like an artist’s rendering of nature. From such a process, chemists, cell biologists and
formulators team-up to derive and elaborate bio-active fractions that, when adequately applied
on the skin, brings perceptible benefits to the end users. 

Innovacos is committed in exploring the World and the Earth in quest of new biomasses and materials. Always inspired by Nature, our objective is to develop safe and effective ingredients
that can skilfully be integrated in cosmetic formulations to better support skin health and

Our logo represents the three additive primary colors blue, green and red those also evoke
fundamental elements such as water, plants and energy, respectively. When optically combined
in equal intensities, those primary colors form a bright white light. This phenomenon is meant to
be symbolized by our logo as a skilful combination between fundamental elements or primary
biomasses creating – innovating – functional cosmetics ingredients.

The word “Innovacos” arises from the fusion between “innovation” and “cosmetics”. Innovation
is the creation of new concepts from already existing primary materials or ideas. Our logo well
illustrates our company’s philosophy in innovating concepts and functional ingredients from
natural elements through a science-based approach keeping in mind the complexity of skin
biology. Ultimately, ingredients we innovate must serve to develop highly functional and
positively perceived cosmetic formulations.

Innovacos philosaphy