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Innovacos designs and manufactures innovative cosmetic ingredients to fulfill the needs of formulators in their quest of developing sophisticated products. Our highly trained group of chemists and cell biologists have undertaken the task of investigating the benefits of various biomasses collected from around the World & Earth. Upon a thorough evaluation, selected materials are designed and engineered into novel and functional cosmeceutical ingredients. The range of ingredients developed at Innovacos, Active and Formulience™, covers all cosmetic applications and targets a myriad of biological mechanisms supporting skin health and appearance as well as formulation texture and functionality. This allows formulators and cosmetic professionals to meet the requirements of the continuously growing awareness of modern customers. Innovacos brings natural answers for life.

To elicit the bio-essence from various natural sources requires skills and know-how in the application of specialized biotechnologies; essentially like an artist’s rendering. In such a process, chemists and cell biologists team-up to derive bio-active fractions obeying scientific principles. Bio-actives are ultimately skilfully integrated in cosmetic formulations when to better support skin health and wellbeing.

Our company philosophy is revealed by our logo that represents the three additive primary colors blue, green and red that also evoke fundamental elements such as water, plants and energy, respectively. When optically combined in equal intensities, those primary colors form a bright white light. This phenomenon is meant to be symbolized by our logo as a skilful combination between fundamental elements or primary biomasses creating – innovating – functional cosmetics ingredients. Synergizing ideas™.

The word “Innovacos” arises from the fusion between “innovation” and “cosmetics”. Innovation is the creation of new concepts from already existing primary materials or ideas. Our logo well illustrates our company’s philosophy in innovating concepts and functional ingredients from natural elements through a science-based approach keeping in mind the complexity of skin biology. Ultimately, ingredients we innovate must serve to develop highly functional and positively perceived cosmetic formulations.