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Cellular senescence is the cause of the production of specific molecules known as the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) factors “toxifying” the skin tissue environment, thus accelerating the age-dependent tissue disorganization. The production of SASP factors is controlled by the synthesis regulator NFkB which is rapidly activated as cells become senescent. Bioptimized™ Guava is an active ingredient that inhibits the activation of NFkB and the production of SASP factors preventing skin aging signs appearance. Bioptimized™ Guava is a key ingredient for all anti-aging formulations; it can be used as the main ingredient for a potent anti-aging activity or in combination with «traditional» anti-aging active ingredients to boost their efficacy.

  • Actions and Efficacy

    • Inhibition of NFkB activation
      • Bioptimized™ Guava blocks the degradation of the NFkB inhibitor, iKB and thus locks NFkB in an inactive configuration
    • Inhibition of eotaxin production
    • Inhibition of COX-2/PGE2 pathways
    • Inhibition of iNOS/Nitric oxide pathways
    • Inflamm-aging response
    • Improvement in
      • skin firmness,
      • skin elasticity
      • skin hydration
    • Decrease in
      • wrinkle depth
      • physiological and UV-induced skin oxidative damage
    • Anti-aging booster
    • Skin Aging Detox System
    • The Skin Youth Element


  • Technical information

    • 100% water soluble
    • Made with non-GMO propanediol
    • Recommended concentration in formulation: 0.5-3%
    • INCI: Propanediol, Psidium Guajava Leaf Extract, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract
  • Applications

    • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
    • Diminution of senescence-related chronic inflammation
    • Reduction of skin damage induced by senescence
    • Prevention of tissue disorganization caused by the aging process
    • Reduction of age-related SASP side effects
    • Protection/repair of environmental damages
    • Sun care
    • After sun care
    • Functional make-up
  • Formulation

  • Publication

active ingredient, skin care, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, cellular senescence, Guava leaf, SASP inhibition, NFkB inhibition