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Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Cream
Not only shields the skin from environmental aggressions but repairs from physical, chemical and pro-oxidative damage. A specific action toward PM2.5 skin damage.
Formulated with: Activoil™ Echnidium ZRO, Regenesea™ LS, innollient™ SL, innollient™ LO and and PolyAquol™ 2W

Detox Make up Remover
Gently cleansing away makeup and traces of pollution while reinforcing the integrity of the skin barrier function.
Formulated with: Eceryl™-12, Activoil™ Echnidium ZRO and PolyAquol™ 2W

From Dawn to Dusk
Electrify your skin luminescence with the unique properties of Activoil™ Spotless ZRO bringing back a youthful look. An all day long formulation to ensure an even colored pigment coverage and optimal UV protection.
Formulated with: innollient™ LO, Activoil™ Spotless ZRO, Regenesea™ LS, innollient™ SL and PolyAquol™ 2W

Fruit Face Care
Bring the whole pomegranate fruit benefits and nourishing actions to your skin. Ideal to prepare and repair the skin against UV deleterious effects.
Formulated with: innoPom™, PolyAquol™ 2W and innollient™ SL

Gin Tonic
A cocktail of enriched ginsenosides carrying the vital energy from Korean Ginseng. Gin Tonic is designed for skin whitening while respecting skin homeostasis.
Formulated with: GinsenoLite™-G, PolyAquol™ 2W and innollient™ LO

Luminescence CC Cream
Beautifying the skin; taking advantage of a fine color pigment dispersion driven by innollient™ LO along with Activoil™ Spotless ZRO for a flash and luminous effect on the skin tone and smoothness.
Formulated with: Activoil™ Spotless ZRO, innollient™ LO and PolyAquol™ OS2

Natural Caress CP
Nourishing while giving a soft, natural, touch to the skin. Formulated in an environmental-friendly cold-process.
Formulated with: PolyAquol™ OS2

Night Cream
For overnight in-depth skin action. This rich-textured cream brings a nourishing effect to help repairing daily damage inflicted to the skin.
Formulated with: innollient™ SL, Regenesea™ LS, PolyAquol™ 2W and innollient™ LO

Nourishing Cream
Stay right on top of the beauty trend. Bring a light veil of moisturizing power to the skin for partying, dancing or just relaxing.
Formulated with: PolyAquol™ OS2

Protective Day Cream SPF 30
For skin defense and repair. A perfect solution for actinic aging combining adequately dispersed UV filters and the biological action of a plant cell vacuole extract.
Formulated with: Plant C-Stem™ Vigna Radiata, innollient™ LO and PolyAquol™ 2W

Pure Water Gel
Bring water to your skin in its simplest form. This “aqueous splash” is nothing less, and nothing more, than a water gel made of 5% PolyAquol™ 2W in 95% water. Can be used as is or can become a base for a light serum.
Formulated with: PolyAquol™ 2W… and water

Rejuvenating Clear Gel
A perfectly water-clear system to bring active ingredients or essential oils to the skin.
Formulated with: Liceryl™-12 and Regenesea™ LS

Senescence Response
Designed to counter side effects of the insidious skin cellular senescence. Senescence Response contains active elements to prevent the gradual deterioration of skin structures. A total anti-aging regimen.
Formulated with: Bioptimized™ Guava, Regenesea™ LS, innollient™ LO and PolyAquol™ 2W

Serum Visage
A “fit-all” natural formulation that can be a simple solution for skin barrier integrity and to stimulate the anti-oxidant protection
Formulated with: Regenesea™ LS, innollient™ LO and PolyAquol™ 2W

UV Defense SPF 30
Fully enjoy the time spent at the beach or anywhere the sun brings a smile to your face. PolyAquol™ OS2 not only acts as the emulsifier but brings into play a UV-filter dispersing “action” enhancing UV protection.
Formulated with: PolyAquol™ OS2