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PolyAquol™-VO4 is a new, patented technology in the field of emulsions. Unlike standard emulsifiers, it literally creates a Water-and-Oil Fusion; W+O. Our W+O technology developed based on synergistic interactions between polyglyceryl derivatives of oleic acid and polyhydroxystearic acid. In addition to be completely natural as per its Cosmos certification and palm-free origin, it performs even in the presence of 100% vegetable oil. PolyAquol™-VO4 is an easily pourable liquid that allows the formation of cold-process emulsions. Its particularity to accept up to 80% of internal water phase brings full control to the viscosity of the final emulsion. It can create stable emulsions when used in a concentration as low as 2% and surpasses competition in robustness and sensoriality.

  • Actions and Efficacy

    • W+O Fusion
    • Cold-process
    • 100% natural emulsions
    • Low viscosity systems
    • Unique sensorial properties
  • Technical information

    • Viscous amber liquid
    • Cold process W+O emulsions
    • Compatible with 100% vegetable oils
    • Low energy systems
    • Recommended use level: 2-5%
    • Compatible with:
      • Lipid phase with different chemistry and polarity
      • High % of internal water phase
    • INCI (proposed): Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate, Polyhydroxystearic Acid
  • Applications

    • SSkin care
      • BB & CC creams, cushions
    • Sun care
    • Baby care
    • Make up
    • Fabric masks
    • Green emulsions
  • Formulation

  • Video

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